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Negros Oriental is Oriental Negros
The Majestic Casaroro Falls

Casaroro Falls VALENCIA

One of the few great looking and very popular waterfalls here in Negros Oriental. Casaroro is a tall waterfall, one the three waterfalls in Kampesa.


Centrally located within a lush virgin forest, is a favorite spot for tourists. Within easy reach from Dumaguete City.


Inyawan Enchanted CANLAON CITY

Flows 100 feet off Inyawan River at the edge of a forest. Cold and clear waters cascade downstream to join Masaulog River; accessible by road.


Lakes Yagumyum and Nailig in Mt. Talinis VALENCIA

A half day trek up Mt. Talinis in Valencia brings you to either one of the mirror clear lakes in the Mt. Talinis area where you may camp, swim or catch carp, tilapia and other fish in the lake surrounded by trees.


Niludhan Falls BAYAWAN CITY

Located along Bonbonon Bay, it's a good site for windsurfing, scuba diving and sailing. Cottages amid the white-pebbled beach, with a restaurant to serve beach enthusiasts.

Lake  Balanan

Pulangbato Falls VALENCIA

A large cascade of seemingly reddish water from the main Pulangbato Falls in Pulangtubig , Valencia , finds its way into some unique shaped falls all the way down the mountain.



Bottle-shaped cascade about 100 feet; largest of three neighboring waterfalls fed by Binalbagan, Malaiba and Linothangan tributaries. Deep basin ideal for swimming and boating.

Twin Lakes Balinsasayaw and Danao SIBULAN

A trekking area for the adventurous, Orienta Negros. watershed with trees, giant ferns and lush greenery has scenic areas, then unfolds the astoundingly serene lakes with its fish stocks. Ideal for boating or enjoying the view.

Lake Balanan SIATON

In the center of mountains this placid lake as though located in the center of a cauldron fish abound and crossing by banca is a pleasant experience.

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