Buglasan Festival 2012 Apo Island Marine Reserve Lake Balinsasayaw Tambobo Bay Dolphine Watching White Sand Bar Mt Talinis,Cuernos de Negros


Relax in Negros Oriental's Resorts and Hotels

Stay in one of Negros Oriental's beautiful resorts and hotels spread throughout the province, get pampered, get a massage, just relax ...


Explore Negros Oriental's Natural,Historical and Cultural Wonders!

Explore Negros Oriental's natural,historical and cultural wonders.Dive, trek, bike, run, swim, climb, camp etc.,get ready for adventure...


Enjoy Negros Oriental's Grand Festivals and Events!!!

Negros Oriental is a province full of celebrations and events, whenever you come, there's always something for you to enjoy...

Buglasan Festival 2012 Buglasan 2012 Schedule

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